The Importance of a Pre-Inspection When Selling Your Home

In the Charlotte area most home buyers request a home inspection during their due diligence period. Surprisingly, most home buyers do this out of curiosity and to investigate the property before closing, not because a home inspection is required. As a seller, it is safe to assume that all buyers will perform a home inspection, so why not get prepared beforehand. If you have considered selling your home, consider creating a smooth transaction for yourself and the buyers by completing a pre-inspection.

A pre-inspection occurs when the seller has a licensed home inspector investigate their property prior to listing. This inspection can alert you of any problems that may complicate the sale, especially if the home is older. A home older than three years can certainly benefit from a pre-inspection.

Early detection and correction of the property will make your property more attractive. You can advertise your property with the recent modifications and repairs listed to give the buyers a more impressed opinion of your property. You’d also save the risk of the deal falling thru due to issues from the buyer’s inspection or the buyer’s contractors. Buyers are willing to offer more for a home that has already been pre-inspected, therefore making negotiations easier on your end.

Not only are buyers willing to offer more but you could potentially list your home slightly higher than its market value. For previous clients who have listed their Charlotte real estate after a pre-inspection, we were able to list their homes from 1%-3% above market value. Your ability to detect and correct any issues with the property is leveraged as confidence in the possibility of selling it at a higher value.

As a seller your ultimate goal is to successfully sale your home. Selling for a higher value will net you higher proceeds and correcting every issue beforehand will make the process less stressful for all parties involved. With a pre-inspection you are ahead of the competition and a step closer to your ultimate goal.