Preparing Your Home for The Sell


As human beings we are naturally comfortable in our own habitats and our habitats are our homes. We are comfortable with the look, the feel, the ambience, and the location because it is ours. For homeowners this is especially true and sometimes daunting when we are faced with a reality that causes us to put our home up for sale.

I’ve seen time and time again, the homeowner that loves their home just the way it is and knows for sure that every potential buyer that comes in the door will love it also. NEWSFLASH: Every buyer that comes through the doors of your home will not love it the same as you but it is your job to get them to. Here are a few tips on how to make your home show-ready so that every buyer will immediately fall in love and see themselves living there.

  • Clean thoroughly – Professional cleaning is a must when listing your home. Even if you are the neatest person in the world it would still be necessary to do a deep clean on every item in the house. Buyers are spectators and the smallest piece of lint could be the biggest turn-off. Shampoo carpets, clean baseboards, dust ceiling fans, remove pet odors, and you are one step closer to a show-ready home.

  • Fresh paint – If you have lived in your home longer than 3 weeks then it needs a paint touch-up. Re-paint the interior of your home with neutral tones to help your rooms appear larger and to give the buyers a blank slate. The exterior is the first thing that a buyer will see and it may need a paint touch up or pressure washing as well.

  • Home staging – a professional stager can be useful in so many ways. Not only can they help make your home look like a page out of a magazine but they will help organize, de-clutter, and store your belongings while your newly staged furniture is on display. Simply put, a home stager will make the home feel like a model home to potential buyers.

  • Repairs – A seller that is looking to create value in the sale of their home and pass it on to a great buyer would be more than willing to complete all repairs before the sell. Its only right, right?! Create a list of things you would do or fix in your home if you were not selling and had to continue living there for another 3-5 years. This list of things are the repairs you should complete before listing your home.

  • Curb appeal – The first impression can be the lasting impression. Fresh plants, neatly trimmed hedges, and a nice manicured lawn, are nice touches to add for the buyer’s satisfaction.

These tips are not only going to make your home show-ready it is going to add more value to your home. You will have more showings, more offers, and ultimately a better deal on your sale. It is a seller’s market in the Charlotte area, so make it easier on yourself and help your home sell itself by using these tips.

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